DESİGN: Bokhara-Geometrı
Origin: PAK
Size: 3'10" X 5' 7"
Area: 21.37


Bukhara rugs, also known as Bukhara carpets, are a renowned and historical type of rug. Originating from the region of Bukhara, which is located in Central Asia, these rugs are crafted using traditional hand-weaving techniques.

Bukhara rugs have a rich heritage deeply rooted in the history of Central Asia. They are primarily produced by Turkmen tribes, who have a long-standing tradition of carpet weaving and have artfully reflected their culture and traditions through Bukhara rugs.

These rugs are typically woven using wool or silk and are recognized for their characteristic patterns and colors. Geometric motifs, floral designs, and stylized animal figures are commonly featured in Bukhara rugs. The color palette often consists of warm and vibrant tones, with red, blue, green, and yellow hues taking prominence.

Bukhara rugs are renowned for their use of high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Each rug is meticulously handwoven using carefully selected yarns, and the process involves great attention to detail. During the weaving process, the intricate patterns and motifs are meticulously created, showcasing the mastery of traditional techniques and artisanal skills.

Bukhara rugs not only possess aesthetic beauty but also offer durability and longevity. They are known for their dense pile, which provides a soft and luxurious texture underfoot. These rugs can enhance any interior space, adding a touch of elegance and cultural richness.

Whether used as a centerpiece in a living room, an accent piece in a bedroom, or a decorative element in a hallway, Bukhara rugs effortlessly infuse a sense of history and craftsmanship into any setting. Their timeless appeal and enduring quality make them treasured pieces of art that can be passed down through generations.






3'10" X 5' 7"




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