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Origin: TUR

Design: Kayseri

Border: IVR

Size: 3’10” X 5′ 9″

Content: Wool&Cotton

Colour: Darkblue-Ivory

Circa: 1970

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The Kayseri style carpet, also known as the Kayseri rug, is a traditional handwoven carpet that originates from the city of Kayseri in central Turkey. Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and artistic beauty, the Kayseri carpet is highly regarded as one of the finest examples of Anatolian weaving.

Kayseri carpets are typically crafted using high-quality wool or a blend of wool and silk fibers. The use of premium materials ensures that these rugs are not only visually stunning but also durable and long-lasting. The wool provides warmth, resilience, and a soft texture, while the addition of silk adds a luxurious sheen and enhances the intricate details of the design.

One of the distinguishing features of the Kayseri style carpet is its versatile and captivating design. These rugs often showcase an array of floral motifs, geometric patterns, and medallions. The designs are meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail, resulting in a symphony of colors, shapes, and textures that create a harmonious composition.

The color palette of Kayseri carpets varies, but it typically includes rich jewel tones, earthy hues, and subtle neutrals. The skilled artisans who create these rugs carefully select and combine colors to achieve a balanced and visually appealing result. The colors used in Kayseri carpets often reflect the natural surroundings of the region, evoking a sense of the landscape’s beauty and tranquility.

The weaving technique employed in Kayseri carpets is intricate and labor-intensive. The weavers use traditional handlooms and employ ancient weaving techniques that have been passed down through generations. The result is a densely woven pile, with a high knot count that contributes to the clarity and sharpness of the design.

Kayseri carpets are sought after for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. They are considered valuable works of art and are often treasured as heirlooms that are passed down through families. These rugs can serve as a focal point in any room, adding warmth, elegance, and a touch of cultural authenticity to the space.

Today, Kayseri carpets continue to be produced by skilled artisans in the region, honoring the traditional techniques while incorporating contemporary design elements. They are admired and sought after by collectors, interior designers, and rug enthusiasts worldwide for their timeless beauty and the skillful artistry that goes into their creation.

Owning a Kayseri style carpet is not just acquiring a floor covering, but also a piece of art that embodies the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of the region. These rugs are a testament to the skill, creativity, and dedication of the weavers who bring them to life, and they hold the power to transform any space into a showcase of beauty and craftsmanship.








3'10" X 5' 9"








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