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Origin: TUR

Design: Ladik

Size: 4′ 7” X 7′ 7”

Content: Wool&Cotton

Colour: Ivory-Salmon

Circa: 1970

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Introducing the Ladik Carpet, a captivating embodiment of Turkish artistry and cultural heritage. Hailing from the historic region of Ladik, renowned for its centuries-old carpet weaving traditions, this carpet is a true masterpiece that reflects the beauty of a bygone era.

Immerse yourself in the allure of Ladik craftsmanship, where each knot is woven with precision and passion by skilled artisans. The design of the Ladik Carpet is a harmonious blend of geometric patterns, floral motifs, and a vibrant color palette, creating a visual symphony that speaks to the rich cultural tapestry of Turkey. The intricate detailing and artful composition make each Ladik Carpet a unique and cherished piece, echoing the traditions passed down through generations.

Stepping onto a Ladik Carpet is like stepping into a living canvas, where the threads tell a story of the region’s history and artistic legacy. The carpet becomes a focal point in any space, adding warmth, character, and a touch of Turkish elegance to your home.

Crafted from premium materials, the Ladik Carpet not only captivates the eyes but also provides a luxurious underfoot experience. The softness and durability of the fibers ensure that this carpet is not just a decorative accent but a practical and indulgent addition to your living space.

Whether you’re looking to infuse your home with cultural richness or seeking a statement piece that exudes timeless beauty, the Ladik Carpet is a choice that transcends trends. Elevate your living space with the enchanting charm and historical significance of the Ladik Carpet, where tradition meets contemporary living in a seamless dance of art and craftsmanship.






4' 7'' X 7' 7''








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