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Origin: IR

Design: Senneh

Border: BRS

Size: 3’10” X 5′ 4”

Circa: 1880

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Senneh kilims, also known as Sanandaj kilims or Kurdish kilims, are exquisite textiles that originate from the city of Sanandaj in the Kurdistan region of Iran. Renowned for their fine craftsmanship, intricate designs, and cultural significance, Senneh kilims showcase the rich weaving traditions of the Kurdish people.

Senneh kilims are traditionally handwoven using a flatweave technique, resulting in a lightweight yet sturdy textile. Skilled artisans meticulously interlock the warp and weft threads to create a tight and balanced structure, ensuring the kilims’ durability and longevity. The weaving process requires precision and attention to detail, reflecting the weavers’ expertise.

The designs of Senneh kilims are characterized by their intricate geometric patterns and decorative motifs. They often feature elaborate medallions, stylized floral elements, and geometric shapes, such as diamonds, stars, or hexagons. These designs are meticulously woven, showcasing the weavers’ artistry and creativity.

The color palette of Senneh kilims is typically rich and vibrant. Deep reds, vibrant blues, warm oranges, and earthy browns are commonly used, creating a visually striking and harmonious aesthetic. Natural dyes derived from plants and minerals are traditionally employed, enhancing the kilims’ authenticity and organic appeal.

Senneh kilims hold cultural and historical significance within Kurdish culture. They serve as important cultural artifacts, reflecting the artistic traditions and heritage of the Kurdish people. The designs often incorporate symbolic elements that represent Kurdish identity, traditions, and beliefs, making these kilims not just decorative textiles but also expressions of cultural pride.

Today, Senneh kilims continue to captivate collectors, enthusiasts, and interior designers worldwide. They can be used as stunning floor coverings, decorative wall hangings, or unique accent pieces in various design styles. Owning a Senneh kilim is to possess a tangible piece of Kurdish culture and craftsmanship, connecting you to the rich heritage and artistic expressions of the Senneh region.








3'10'' X 5' 4''


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