Origin: PAK

Design: Royal

Border: BRG

Size: 6′ 1″ X 9′ 5″


Royal carpets are exquisite handcrafted masterpieces that exude luxury, elegance, and a sense of regal splendor. These carpets are created with meticulous attention to detail and are designed to adorn palaces, grand estates, and prestigious settings.

Crafted by highly skilled artisans using traditional techniques and premium materials, royal carpets exemplify the highest standards of craftsmanship and artistry. Each carpet is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and the refined taste of the era in which it is created.

The designs of royal carpets often feature intricate patterns, elaborate motifs, and grand scale compositions. They may incorporate elements such as floral patterns, architectural motifs, mythical creatures, or intricate medallions. These designs symbolize power, prestige, and the opulence associated with royal patronage.

The color palette of royal carpets is rich, vibrant, and often includes lavish gold and jewel-toned hues. These colors are meticulously chosen to create a sense of grandeur and richness, reflecting the regal atmosphere they are meant to enhance. Often, natural dyes and premium materials such as silk and fine wool are used, adding a lustrous sheen and a luxurious touch.

Royal carpets are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, which involves intricate knotting techniques and a high knot density per square inch. This meticulous craftsmanship results in a dense and sumptuous pile that is both visually striking and luxurious underfoot. The attention to detail is evident in every stitch, showcasing the skill and dedication of the artisans.

Owning a royal carpet is owning a piece of history and luxury. These carpets have graced the halls of kings, emperors, and nobility, symbolizing their prestige and wealth. They add an aura of grandeur and sophistication to any space, making a powerful statement of elegance and refinement.

Whether displayed in a palace, a grand hotel, or a stately home, royal carpets create an ambiance of opulence and majesty. They are not just floor coverings but true works of art that inspire awe and admiration. Each royal carpet tells a story of the craftsmanship, heritage, and grandeur of the era it represents, offering a timeless connection to the regal past.








6' 1" X 9' 5"


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