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Origin: CAU

Design: Shirvan

Size: 3’11” X 6′ 1″

Circa: 1880

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Shirvan style rugs originate from the historic Shirvan region in Azerbaijan, known for its rich cultural heritage and weaving traditions. These captivating rugs are highly sought after for their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and superb craftsmanship.

One of the defining features of Shirvan style rugs is their geometric patterns. These rugs often showcase an array of geometric motifs such as stars, diamonds, crosses, and intricate borders. The patterns are meticulously woven into the fabric, creating a mesmerizing tapestry that catches the eye and adds a touch of elegance to any space.

The color palette of Shirvan style rugs is vibrant and diverse. Bold and contrasting hues are commonly used, including deep reds, vibrant blues, warm oranges, and earthy browns. These colors are skillfully combined to create striking compositions that are visually captivating and harmonious.

Crafted with great attention to detail, Shirvan style rugs are known for their exceptional quality. They are traditionally handwoven using techniques passed down through generations, ensuring each rug is a true work of art. Skilled artisans employ a variety of weaving methods, including the use of flat-woven techniques, which result in rugs that are both durable and versatile.

Shirvan style rugs are not only admired for their aesthetic appeal but also for their cultural significance. They are considered important symbols of the region’s heritage, reflecting the artistic traditions and cultural identity of the people who create them.

Whether displayed as a centerpiece in a living room, adding warmth to a bedroom, or adorning a hallway, Shirvan style rugs bring a touch of timeless elegance and cultural richness to any interior. Their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and impeccable craftsmanship make them a captivating choice for those seeking a truly unique and culturally significant rug.






3'11" X 6' 1"




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