Circa: 1840.

Origin: TUR

Design: Aydin Cine

Size: 4′ 3″ X 6′ 4″

Area: 26.90


Antique Aydın-Cine Kilims are a type of rug that is an important example of Turkish rug art and unique to Aydın’s Cine district. These kilims represent a rich expression of traditional Turkish weaving art. Aydın-Cine Kilims are rare works that have a deep-rooted history and are produced with traditional methods. The characteristic features of Aydın-Cine Kilims are evident in their designs and colors. These rugs, which are usually decorated with geometric patterns, reflect a simple and elegant aesthetic. While the geometric shapes in the patterns reflect the understanding of symmetry and order, they also offer an eye-catching visuality. Colors stand out as an important element of Aydın-Cine Kilims. These rugs, in which vibrant and rich colors are used, usually contain energetic tones such as red, blue, green and yellow. While the colors deepen the character and meaning of the rugs, they also reflect the natural and cultural atmosphere of the region. Aydın-Cine Kilims are not only seen as an aesthetic work, but also a piece of history. While these rugs reflect the cultural and artistic heritage of the Cine region, they also represent an important example of Turkish rug weaving. For this reason, Aydın-Cine Kilims are valuable works for collectors, art lovers and cultural history enthusiasts. Each Aydın-Cine Kilim tells a story and carries traces of the past. The patterns and symbols on the rugs are linked to the natural environment of the region, mythological elements and traditional beliefs. These rugs are considered an expression of the local culture and bring the wisdom of the past to the present. Aydın-Cine Kilims serve as a decorative element in homes, offices and other interior spaces. While these rugs add a traditional touch and character to a space, they also reflect the richness of Turkish culture and the value of handicrafts. While Aydın-Cine Kilims were once masterfully woven works of ancient handicrafts, they are also works of art that are appreciated and respected in the modern world.




Aydin Cine


4' 3" X 6' 4"






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