Origin: IR

Design: Saddlebag

Size: 2′ 4″ X 4′ 4″

Circa: 1880


The Saddlebag rug is a unique and versatile textile masterpiece that originated from various nomadic cultures around the world. Traditionally used as functional bags attached to saddles, these rugs have evolved into sought-after decorative pieces admired for their distinctive design, practicality, and historical significance.

Saddlebag rugs are characterized by their dual-compartment structure, which is divided by a central panel. This panel often features intricate geometric patterns, tribal motifs, and vibrant colors. Each compartment of the rug served as a storage space, allowing nomads to carry essential items during their journeys across vast landscapes.

The design of the Saddlebag rug reflects the cultural heritage and artistic traditions of the nomadic tribes. Patterns and motifs found on these rugs vary depending on the region of origin, encompassing a rich tapestry of styles from Central Asia, Persia, Turkey, and beyond. Common elements include stylized animal figures, geometric patterns, and symbolic motifs that carry cultural significance and ancestral stories.

Saddlebag rugs are typically handwoven using traditional techniques and natural materials, such as wool or goat hair. The craftsmanship involved in creating these rugs is remarkable, with skilled weavers employing techniques such as flatweave, kilim, or pile weaving to achieve desired textures and patterns. The durability of the rugs ensured their longevity in harsh and nomadic environments.

Today, Saddlebag rugs are highly valued for their aesthetic appeal and historical importance. They have transcended their functional origins to become prized decorative items in modern interiors. Whether displayed on walls, floors, or as unique accents, Saddlebag rugs add a touch of authenticity and cultural heritage to any space, embodying the spirit of nomadic traditions and the artistic ingenuity of their creators.

Owning a Saddlebag rug is to possess a piece of history and a connection to nomadic cultures. These rugs serve as tangible reminders of the resilience and resourcefulness of nomadic tribes, capturing their stories and traditions within their intricate designs. With their captivating patterns, rich colors, and storied past, Saddlebag rugs bring a sense of adventure, cultural appreciation, and timeless beauty to any home or collection.






2' 4" X 4' 4"




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