Handmade carpets and handwoven carpets are not same

Carpet LoomHandmade carpets practically define carpets made by hand instead of electrically powered looms. But here is the catch; some of them not so handmade. The thing is words are manipulated to meet with different purposes. Because real traditional carpets made in looms like the one in the picture, but some manufacturers find an easier solution: sewing wool to a canvas with an automatic machine.

And since someone still using their hand it is so-called handmade! But this is a cheap solution and does not have a quality of a real handmade carpet.

Wool is painted mostly with chemical colors.

Designs are just copied look alike, a bad imitation.

Knots are not interconnected, it is glued.

Yes! It is glued and after dried it will create a mess. You’ll see the white residue, powdery remains under your carpet. That is the dried glue particles. That just used to secure the wool on the canvas. Pretty much every “cheap” and “handmade” carpet is made like this.

Hand-tufted rugs are not long lasting. They have considerably shorter lifespan than the average quality oriental rug.
You can never find an old tufted rug. But hand-knotted carpets can be used of generations.

This also sometimes causes unwanted odors.


Hand tufted carpets most of the time have an extra layer to hide its glued backside. A real traditional handmade carpet’s backside should have the same pattern as reversed.



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