How can I clean my handmade carpet?

How should I deal with spills and stains?

Water and dampness are the greatest dangers to the oriental carpet. Water spillage is perhaps the most common accident at home. When this occurs necessary steps should be taken immediately. Using a white, plain piece of cloth try to absorb as much of the spilled liquid as possible. Place some material underneath the carpet and never try to wring it. A hairdryer, set at moderate heat, is probably the best implement for drying. Dry the carpet thoroughly from both sides. The pile may be a little matted when dry. Gently tease it back into shape with your fingers. On the other hand, in a busy household, a variety of substances may be accidentally spilled on a rug. Excluding the silk and antique carpets, most of these accidents can be tackled at home. The first step with any substance is the same as with water. Absorb as much of the spilled stuff as possible with a clean white, uncolored cloth. This simple absorption method, when carried out as quickly as possible, is the greatest contribution to stain prevention. In dealing with every type of stain, work from the top of the stain downwards, never from the middle outwards, as this may cause the stain to spread. Never use hot water, bleach or washing up liquid and remember that gentle scrubbing is much more effective than a harsh one.

Are there any hints about removing stains?

  • Red wine: Take the first step and absorb the liquid as much as possible. Then clean with white wine and wipe with water.
  • Whiskey: Lightly wet with warm water and use 90% alcohol to clean.
  • Chocolate: Lightly wipe with a sponge damped with ammonia.
  • Mud: Simply dry well and vacuum clean.
  • Pet urine: Wipe with a sponge while the stain is damp and let it dry. Later wipe with white wine vinegar. If unsuccessful, wipe again with a mixture of 3 parts alcohol and 1 part ammonia.

Can I clean at home?

You may be daunted by the idea of cleaning your carpet at home. Although it is a time consuming process requiring care and patience, it is actually a simple job which can be successfully carried out by any carpet owner who follows these simple instructions. Hand cleaning has several rewards, apart from the obvious benefit of saving money. It will give personal satisfaction to see every fiber getting fresh and revived. It will also give you a chance to have a closer relationship with your carpet as every previously unnoticed detail of color and motif comes into view with the close attention that hand cleaning requires. Nearly all types of carpets can be cleaned at home with the exception of antiques, carpets in need of repair and fine silk carpets. These should receive the attention of a professional carpet expert.

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