How to identify authentic handmade oriental rugs

Machine Made Carpet vs Handmade Carpet
Machine Made Carpet vs Handmade Carpet

Not to be confused with different types of carpets and finding the authentic carpet can be a difficult process. In this content, we will help you to understand the difference between a power loom rug, and an authentic handmade rug.

No knots

Since machine made carpets are made in power looms, there are no visible knots present. Some of them likely to have a plastic back to keep carpet together. If the background of the carpet too smooth or a plastic background, sorry to hear that.

Machine Made Carpet Fringe
Added fringe

Fringe is added later

All handmade carpets have fringes. These are your carpet’s starting and ending points. If the fringe is added to your carpet later (like sewed or glued) and is not connected to the body of your carpet, it is most likely a fake carpet. Although, if your carpet is repaired it may have added fringe later on.






Bleeding Colors

Somehow your carpet got wet, and while you were trying to get rid of the water with a paper towel, you saw some colors are bleeding. If colors are bleeding, unfortunately, your carpet is dyed with chemicals dyes.

Authentic oriental carpets are dyed with vegetable dyes and it is the completely organic dye.


What is made of

All oriental rugs are made of either wool, cotton, or silk. Most wool are carpets made by nomads and they have a long history behind it. Wool is antibacterial by its nature and flame resistant. Plastic made carpets will shrink and change shape and it will eventually melt down when its encounter with fire. Wool carpets will resist and only show some fume stains but can be washed off. Silk and cotton rugs are organic as well. If your carpet is not made up of cotton, wool or silk and has a plastic texture, it is not an oriental handmade carpet.


There are no carpets originating from Europe or America, handmade carpets origins are mostly Pakistan, Turkey India, IranAfghanistan, Kazakhstan, rarely  Otherwise it is most likely an imitation or machine made.


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